FRIC may be able to arrange the following services for you free of charge:

  • Like for like hire to be provided for duration of repairs
    (example VW Polo Credit hire daily rate £42.80, our daily rate £21.90)
  • No costs for you to pay
  • Genuine manufacturer approved parts used
  • Use of our own motor repair network to estimate and repair your vehicle
  • Lifetime guarantee for the length that you own the vehicle
  • Market value agreed if your vehicle is uneconomical to repair
  • Able to agree direct settlement of repair costs if you wish to use your own repairer
  • We can arrange physiotherapy ( free of charge ) if any injury sustained
  • We can arrange a medical expert to assess your injury and arrange settlement (no costs deducted compared to using a solicitor)
  • Repairs to property damaged

If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 080 3125