Why Choose Us

FRIC provides risk protection products for Members’ core risks including vehicle fleet, liability and property. As a discretionary mutual, we are owned by our Members and operate solely for their benefit. Here are just some of the reasons why fire and rescue services choose FRIC:

  • A Member-focused operating model
  • Built from the ground up by fire and rescue, for fire and rescue
  • An efficient risk-transfer model
  • Participation in and assistance towards agreed risk-management plan
  • Identification of emerging risks through effective risk profiling
  • Risk-management funding
  • Shared management information driving shared learning and cohesive risk management
  • Self-service process efficiencies
  • Trading surpluses used for the benefit of the Members
  • Proactive claims management and intervention

If you feel passionate about the quality and effectiveness of risk management in your organisation, and can see the attraction of joining like-minded authorities who pool funds to pay for their combined attritional losses, then FRIC could be right for your organisation. Speak to us today to find out more and discuss your protection needs.